2023-24 Munciana Boys Club Season

Tryouts are the first step, we hope you join us!
Come ready to work hard, have fun and get to know the Munciana coaching staff. This year's tryout process will be slightly different than you may have experienced in the past. Please read the details below so you know exactly what to expect. We hope to see you there!

The Munciana Volleyball Club was formed in 1974 and has developed into one of the elite junior volleyball clubs in America. If one thing could define our formula for success, it is teaching. In the beginning, all of our coaches were teachers and former volleyball players at Ball State University. To this day, teaching continues to be a driving force behind our success. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and promote the sport of volleyball. We are committed to teaching and training young athletes and educating coaches to teach the game of volleyball. We want our athletes to improve, become self reliant, and develop a passion for the game. 

Our primary goal

Munciana thrives on training athletes from the entry level player to the elite athlete. We want them to be able to compete at the highest level possible, whether it is working to make their seventh grade volleyball team, winning state championship, winning a national championship, or aspiring to play in college. 

Why we succeed?

Three key factors have driven our success: 

  1. We have young athletes who are committed to being successful. 
  2. The Munciana gym culture creates high expectations.
  3. Our coaches are focused on teaching and training athletes.