2023-24 Munciana Boys Club Season

Tryouts are the first step, we hope you join us!
Come ready to work hard, have fun and get to know the Munciana coaching staff. This year's tryout process will be slightly different than you may have experienced in the past. Please read the details below so you know exactly what to expect. We hope to see you there!

Tryout Dates: 


7/26, 6:20-7:40pm

7/27, 6:20-7:40pm



7/26, 6:20-7:40pm

7/27, 6:20-7:40pm

7/28, 6:20-7:40pm


7/26, 7:40-9:00pm

7/27, 7:40-9:00pm

7/28, 7:40-9:00pm

Tryout Process 

Boys volleyball clubs in Indianapolis use what is called a "rolling offer" system. This means that the top team in each age group is picked first, followed by the second team, and so on. This way, if one athlete chooses another club, the next best player is offered a position on the team which was left with an open position. This system then cascades down the entire age group. Tryouts are a difficult time for athletes, parents, and coaches. Please encourage your son not to be offended if he is not one of the top players in his age group. This does not mean he is a bad person or a bad volleyball player, just that there are better athletes in his age group.